SFRM 2022


Annual Meeting 2022


Umeå invited us to a fanstastic meeting themed "leadership and pioneership in plastic surgery".

We were honoured to have two eminent spearkers tell us deep and personal tales about their experience

with microsurgery in its earliest of days.

Dr Nils-Åke Nyström, a retired american plastic surgeon from Umeå Sweden, told us about his close friendship and work with legends such as Marko Godina, Bob Allen, Harold Kleinert och Erik Moberg. We got to hear lively stories about plastic surgery in the States and Yugoslavia in the 70's and 80s and their fundamental impact on plastic surgery in Umeå and Sweden.

Dr Richard Hamilton from Adelaide Australia told us about his close connection to Sweden and the start of microsurgery in Gothenburg. We got to hear about "The untold story" - the hidden tale of the truth about the first abdominal free flap breast reconstruction. The thus far known publication under the name of Dr Hans Holmstrom was in fact an operation performed by the Swedish Surgeon Dr Ingemar Fogdestam from Gothenburg and Dr Richard Hamilton, with Dr Holmstrom as assistant to Dr Fogdestam. Sweden had a very close connection to Australia at the time and even used specially designed microinstruments from the Bernard O'Brien center in Melbourne, where Dr Fogdestam and Dr Hamilton had first met.

Finally the participating clinics shared some difficult cases and discussed managment strategies and Dr Richard Hamilton was proudly presented with an honorary membership of the society

We were truly enriched with strong lessons from both past and present times in plastic surgery - A successful pioneership demands successful leadership. We are very pleased to have a growing community within our society and Sweden, and with a burning interest for both national and international collaboration we look forward to continuing to build microsurgical progress

We are also very excited to do so with a new logo 

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